Mouvex Serie A


Can be used in the chemical industry, food industry, road construction, oil industry.
Chemical products such as Detergents, adhesives, printing inks, varnishes ...
Food, such as e.g. Molasses, oils, fats, tallow ...
Road construction materials, such as Bitumen, emulsions, hot liquids ...
In addition, for example, Fuel or heavy fuel oil ...

Self priming
Eccentric piston pump the A series, which operate on the principle Mouvex, due to their construction self-priming, even when running dry and allow to drain the piping system.

Proven, robust design
The automatic wear compensation, the pumping of the A-Series will maintain their performance without readjustment or new hires over a long time.

Constant pump characteristics
Pump A-Series ensure a constant and continuous flow regardless of the feed pressure, even with strongly fluctuating viscosity.

Practically unlimited fields of application
The pumps of the A-series are ideal for pumping liquid, viscous or sensitive products (no shear) as well as dry or volatile liquids.


  • Exceptional Self-Priming capabilities
  • Legendary ruggedness
  • The A series pumps maintain their initial performance level over
  • time without any adjustment, thanks the automatic clearance
  • make-up system
  • Unchanging characteristics
  • Maintain a regular and constant output, independent of the
  • delivery pressure
  • Practically unlimited scope of application 
  • Reversibility
  • Excellent efficiency


  • Double by-pass for protection when operating in both directions
  • High temperature: HT version for AF and AK models enable
  • high temperature transfer (up to 250° C)
  • Heating or cold jacket for transferring products that can solidify
  • at ambient temperature.


Producer: Mouvex

Data sheet PDF for download

Product Video for download (17,1MB) 

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