Mouvex Serie C

Serie C

Can be used in the chemical industry, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry, the food industry, and paper and petrochemical industries.

With no moving shaft seal
Since the C series does not require mechanical seal or magnetic coupling, leakage can be avoided and reduced downtime.

No expensive magnetic couplings
The pumps of the series C are connected directly to the engine or the transmission. There are no magnetic couplings necessary.

CIP / SIP suitability
The pumps of the C series can be cleaned and sterilized in the assembled state.

Execution and performance
Stainless steel and cast iron, pressure up to 9 bar; Amount to 36mÑ / h
Self-priming, dry running capability (limited)
Suction and discharge lines can be emptied by the pump itself.


  • Leak free pumping without the need for magnetic couplings
  • or mechanical seals
  • Self-priming with strong suction power
  • Ability to of draining the pipes (Inlet and outlet)
  • Ability to run dry
  • Low shearing
  • Maintains delivery/pressure performance over time 
  • Outstanding volumetric efficiency
  • Pumped product constantly renewed
  • Ability to pump low and high viscosity products
  • Output not affected by viscosity variation 
  • Low linear speed
  • Low pulsation effect


  • Choice of coupling 
  • Mobile unit
  • Stainless steel shroud


Stainless steel pump Series C

Manufacturer: Mouvex
pressure up to 9 bar; Amount to 36mÑ / h

Cast iron pump Series C
Manufacturer: Mouvex
pressure up to 9 bar; Amount to 36mÑ / h

Data sheet PDF for download

Product Video for download (8,9MB)

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