Glue production and glue distribution in one production step

With KAB glue systems, you have the decisive advantage of getting aggregates for glue production and glue distribution that stem from one and the same provider, designedand produced by a single system.

The requirements of your corrugated cardboard installation and your company demands are thus perfectly met. You can therefore be sure that all components are optimally tuned to one another, helping you to significantly improve the operating efficiency of your installation.

Even if your installation is brand-new, KAB remains your one and only contact point, providing you with unmatched expertise from the very beginning.

Independence of suppliers or components

Thanks to the integration of glue production and glue distribution, KAB glue systems offer you the highly economical advantage of being able to select basic glue components without depending on specific componentsuppliers or specifications.

This way, the flexibility and continuity of your installation is guaranteed for years to come, enabling you to meet all future demands. Regardless of your glue composition requirements, KAB glue systems guarantee a variety of options. That´s what we call the smartest way to save time and money.

Reliability, operating safety and service

Our systems feature permanent process control including daily production logs. The control of the glue production and recipe administration is user-friendly and exchangeable via two control touch panels. Efficient maintenance of the connecting pipes between glue kitchen and corrugated cardboard unit in two work steps: 

  1. Ring pipes are emptied via an air reflux rinsing system. 
  2. Ring pipes are rinsed with water, reflux in duct or cistern.

Regular rinsing sequences during operation with additives or the prevention of nucleation are no longer a problem. KAB can eliminate operational malfunctions electronically, without requiring maintenance personnel to carry out on-site repairs – there´s no easier and quicker service! Pumps used by KAB are widely known to be the most robust and secure on the market.

However, we can also incorporate products of your choice upon request. The materials used by KAB have been designed with durability and extreme resilience in mind. Service and customer orientation have been at the core of our efforts for decades. We do not believe in so-called “after-sales support”.

Rather, you will find that we provide constant service for the lifetime of your corrugated cardboard machine and beyond.

Flexible and future-proof production thanks to KAB glue systems

KAB glue systems are designed to meet your every demand. We offer:
High-quality manufacture and precision “made in Germany”. Independence of producers, suppliers and/or components. The certainty that you are getting one of the world´s most proven and reliable glue systems. 

Highly flexible systems that are able to meet the demands of future applications and future requirements. The know-how and expertise of a company that is specialised in working with the corrugated cardboard industry. 

Systems of every size and configuration – modular design and configuration from one and the same provider. Around-the-clock service and permanent availability in case of problems or questions


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