KAB provides, installed and repaired for over 20 years pumps for various industries, such as the chemical industry, the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry, the food industry, in road construction and in the petroleum industry. 

These pumps are used for example in the manufacture and production of detergents, adhesives, printing inks, paints, food, beverages, sauces, syrup, lotion, shampoo, toothpaste, oils, greases, bitumen, emulsions, hot liquids, fuel or heavy fuel oil and more used.

Best pumps for KAB good enough.

The built by our system and used pumps are considered the most robust and safest in the industry. Because here come only from Blackmer pumps are used. Depending on the requirement, the Exzenterkolbenpumpen Serie A, ring piston pumps of the series C or vane pumps of the series P. leaks are avoided by a hermetic construction and maintenance is minimal. On request, we also employ pumps of your choice.

As a distributor of Blackmer, we are constantly on the cutting edge of technology and obstruct exclusively high-quality products of Mouvex.


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