Serie Abaque


Easy pump
The Blackmer pumps of the series Abaque are particularly suitable for abrasive and corrosive media and for shear sensitive and viscous liquids. There are positive displacement pumps with a defined flow without slip and gap losses.

No mechanical seal This eliminates the risk of leakage and contamination. The liquids remain in the hose, welcherdas only wearing part is.

Reliability the Blackmer pump series Abaque is self-priming up to a pressure height of 9 m and is to take safe to run dry without damage. A reversing operation with alignment of the pump casing through 360 ° is also possible.

Robust construction the steel and cast iron construction allows for higher feed pressures up to 15 bar. The solid construction and design of the pump also reduce the maintenance and repair intervals.


  • Thereby there is no risk of leaks and impurities 
  • The Mouvex Blackmer pump ABAQUE series 
  • run dry and may take up to a height of 9 m (25.5 ft) 
  • suck itself 
  • The pump is reversible and can therefore without loss of power in both 
  • Directions encourage Are particularly suitable for abrasive and 
  • aggressive media as well as for shear sensitive and viscous 
  • liquids 
  • Reduce the solid construction and design of the pump 
  • maintenance and repair intervals


  • Hoses: natural rubber, Buna rubber (NBR), EPDM 
  • There are complete units or pumps with free 
  • Shaft end available 
  • Hose breakage sensors 
  • Vacuum Kit 
  • Hose inserts PPH or PVDF


System Abaque 

Manufacturer: Mouvex

Data sheet PDF for download

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